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Vego I Air Cooler (ICE Box 22Ltrs, White)


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It has a motorised louver movement.
The cooler has a pump protection technology.
Vego desert cooler has an air throw distance of 40 feet. The air throw distance of an air cooler indicates the distance till where one can feel the air from the front panel.
This cooler comes with four castor wheels that help in moving it from one room to another with ease. The cooler measures 45 cm in length, 33 cm in width and 85 cm in height, thereby making it compact in size.
1 Year Company Warranty

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Product description
If you are on the look out for desert coolers, opt for this Vego desert cooler. An excellent air cooler, it has a capacity to hold up to 22 litres of water. The air cooler provides optimum cooling without consuming too much electricity, 150 W to be exact, thereby making it energy-efficient. Cooling Capacity The advantage of using this Vego desert cooler is that not only is it energy-efficient but also cools the room efficiently. Apart from this, in case of a power failure, the air cooler’s natural convention can transfer the heat. The cooler has an air flow of 1560 metre cube per hour. Speed Control The cooler has a three-way speed setting so that you can control the temperature. Cooling Media The cooling media used by this air cooler from the house of Vego is honeycomb. A honeycomb media consists of thick cooling pads glued together in a honeycomb shape. The advantage of this cooling medium is that the unique design allows for a low pressure drop across the pad while achieving a high cooling efficiency. The pad is designed to be self-cleaning and will retain its rigid structure when exposed to water making it extremely durable.

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