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Samsung 394 L Frost Free Double Door 3 Star Refrigerator (RT39M5538S9/TL, Refined Inox)


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394 L : Good for families of 3-5 members
Digital Inverter Compressor : Consumes lower electricity in comparison to a Normal compressor
3 Star : For Energy savings up to 35%
Frost Free : Auto fridge defrost to stop ice-build up

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Product Description
This Samsung double-door refrigerator, with its spacious interior and innovative technologies, keeps the food items that you indulge in the most fresh and tasty for a long duration.
Make food storage easy and smart for you and your family. This Samsung Frost-free Double Door Refrigerator is equipped with the Power Freeze Mode that lets you make ice a lot faster, Twin Cooling Plus Technology which helps keep your food fresh for a longer duration, and many other innovative technologies.

5 Convertible Modes
The five convertible modes of this fridge address different storage needs. You can easily choose one based on the need of the hour. The convertible modes include Extra Fridge, Vacation, Home Alone, Seasonal and Regular. If you’re wondering when to use what mode, then it’s quite simple. For instance, you can use the Vacation mode to switch off the fridge section when you’re going away from home for a while. Or you can use the Extra Fridge mode to convert the freezer into a fridge space during special occasions. These modes will help you cut down on unnecessary power consumption.
Digital Display
Whether you want to change the temperature settings or turn on the convertible mode, the digital display, located on the freezer door, puts a host of controls at your fingertips.
Recessed Handle
The recessed handle, along with the hidden hinges, not only offers a touch of elegance to this Samsung double-door fridge, but it also adds to convenience.
Samsung Twist Ice Maker
Now making a large amount of ice in a short period of time is quick and easy with Samsung?s Twist Ice Maker. A simple twist is all it takes to dispense the ice cubes, making things more convenient.

Cool Pack
Your frozen desserts and ice cubes will remain frozen for up to 12 hours, even during power cuts, thanks to the Cool Pack. This feature works by maintaining the temperature at below 0?C for hours on end.
Fresh Room
Opening a fridge frequently might lead to your perishable food items getting spoiled sooner. But that?s not the case with this Samsung double-door refrigerator, thanks to its Fresh Room feature. It is a specially designed cooler compartment which ensures that food items like dairy products and salad greens stay fresh for longer, even if you open the fridge door often.
Deodorizing Filter
The inbuilt Deodorizing Filter is crafted from natural fiber. It easily eliminates odors inside the fridge by continually passing air through activated carbon filters.
Power Freeze
With this fridge?s Power Freeze feature, never run out of ice cubes in the middle of a party again. This feature helps the fridge make ice real fast – up to 31% faster than conventional refrigerators.

Power Cool
Now get up to 31% faster cooling results with Samsung?s Power Cool feature. It will help you chill your beverages and food as quickly as possible, so you can have an icy cold drink in no time. This features works by blowing cold air inside the refrigerator to temporarily reduce the temperature to up to 1?C.
Door Alarm
Not shutting a fridge?s door properly will make the food items go bad sooner than expected. The Fridge Door Alarm of this fridge will alert you in case you forgot to close it properly.
Twin Cooling Plus
The Twin Cooling Plus technology of this fridge creates the optimal environment by maintaining humidity levels at 70%. This ensures that your vegetables, fruits and other food items stay fresh for a long duration without drying up. Also, each compartment of this fridge is cooled separately, so odors don’t mix with each other and your edibles retain their original flavors.
Big Bottle Guard
The deep bottle guard of this Samsung double-door fridge is perfect for storing big bottles of cold drinks and milk. It also comes with two rows that can store bottles, cans and containers like a charm.
Toughened Glass Shelves
The toughened glass shelves of this fridge can easily hold up to 150 kg of weight. Now store heavy food-filled pans and large vegetables inside the fridge without any worry.
Stabilizer-free Operation
No need to worry about frequent voltage fluctuations anymore, as this Samsung double-door fridge can safely operate without a separate stabilizer even during sudden electrical surges.
LED Light
The LED light that?s on the top side of the fridge compartment is bright enough to light up every inch of the interior space to make finding food items easy, even at night.
Digital Inverter Technology
Boasting the Digital Inverter Technology, this fridge automatically adjusts the compressor speed according to the cooling demand across its seven levels. As a result, it is energy-efficient and keeps noise to a minimum. This feature also reduces wear and tear for a long-lasting performance.
Automatic Smart Connect Inverter
When it comes to keeping your food fresh, frequent power cuts can pose a serious problem. Since this refrigerator features Samsung?s Smart Connect Inverter technology, it automatically switches to drawing power from your home inverter during power outages to offer you uninterrupted cooling results.
In The Box
1 Refrigerator
User Manual and Warranty Card
Double Door
Refrigerator Type
Top Freezer Refrigerator
Defrosting Type
Frost Free
Compressor Type
Digital Inverter Compressor
394 L
Number of Doors
Star Rating
Toughened Glass
Built-in Stabilizer

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