Haier (ES15V-S1) Electric Storage 15 Litre Vertical Shock Proof, ABS Body, Anti Corrosion UMC Tank

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  • Shock Proof, UMC Tank, TTS Technology, BPS
  • Incoloy 800SS Heating Element
  • Shock Proof Patent Certificate & BEE Certification
  • 8 Bar Rated Pressure Suitable for High Rise Buidlings & BPS
  • Capacity: 15 liters Made In India.Warranty: 4 year on Product components & 7 Year on Tank, Power: 2000 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 230 volts

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1. Shock Proof Technology:-The system plays as a resistor between the water heater and human body, which reduces the intensity of the current passes (In case of any electricity leakages/ faulty earthing, it converts 220 to < 12 volt), thereby Haier Shock Proof Storage WHs ensure users safety. 2. TTS Technology:The double sensors (thermostat & thermal control) in by Bi-Capillary type thermostat which protect from overheating and ensuring an accurate cut-off after reaching at desired temp. 3. MUV:A Multi-Usage Valve that meets safety requirements by acting as-Pressure relief system, Anti-Vacuum device, non-return valve and water drainage system. 4. BPS By choosing the BPS mode, the Water Heater heats up the water at the highest value. This technology is helpful to kill the maximum bacteria which is harmful for our hair and skin. 5. UMC Tank: Only water heater with unique three layer Ultra Micro Coating tank, conforms to the Germany DIN Standard, Extra thick special steel sheet for longer life. 8.Rated Pressure- 8 Bar : Total Range of Haier electrical water heaters are tested under impulsive pressure and assured to withstand 8 bar rated pressure, which is suitable for high raise buildings and pressure pump applications.

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