Crompton Ceiling Fan SILENT PRO CFSPENS48SWT-I GRY 1225MM Charcool Grey

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  • SilentPro a fan that is uniquely crafted to offer superior air delivery with a silent operation. Sweep: 1200 MM, Speed: 315 RPM, Air Delivery: 240 CMM, Service Value: 5.71
  • The aerodynamic design of the ABS body reduces the air friction, thereby increasing the number of rotations per minute and assuring high performance in silence. The smart operation remembers the fan speed mode before switch off and runs on the same mode when switched on later.
  • At an air delivery of 240 CMM, SilentPro enso delivers air comfort that rivals the best of the conventional fans available in the market. The fluidic seamless design of the blades is modelled to ensure high air delivery – delivering comfort to you when you need it.
  • The ActivBLDC technology converts 98% of the input current to usable electricity (Active Power). This is considered to be one of the best in the industry. Sleep Well Timer Function – Setting the timer is now plain and simple. Press 1H to turn Off the fan in 1 Hour and likewise.
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