AO Smith MiniBot 3 L Instant Water Geyser

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  • Blue Diamond GLass Lined Tank for 2X Corrosions Resistance.
  • Designed WIth Better Technology to Provide Better Perfomance.
  • Long-Lasting Anode Rod WIth 2X Lifespan even in Hard Water Conditions.
  • Double Prodection with thermal cut-out & Multi-Function Safety Value.
  • 5 Years Warranty On inner Tank. 3 Years Extended Warranty on Heating element.

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If you think only bathing is difficult in winter, you are wrong because even washing hand with freezing cold water is a terrible experience. If you are one who needs warm water for every small purpose, you must install the A.O. Smith MiniBot 3 Litres Instant Water Geyser which provides you with warm and comfortable water in winter to ease all your problems. Its 3 Litres capacity is perfect for your needs. This geyser is designed to provide you with warm water as you might pronounce your need for that. It is a masterpiece with outstanding design and cutting-edge technology. It makes your bathroom and kitchen look magnificient and extraordinary.

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